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Job Opportunities in Dubai


As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, there are many job opportunities in Dubai. The area has seen an enormous boom in it’s property market and as a result this has created jobs across most if not ALL industry sectors.


The demand for construction jobs in Dubai has been immense with the UAE government looking to employ non UAE nationals who posses the technical ‘know-how’ as well as experience within their specialist fields. Vacancies seem to be coming through thick and fast, even through the credit crunch.

With more innovative development projects being implemented all the time, engineering jobs in Dubai also seem to be well sought after as developers are looking to hire those with innovative and unique ideas.

The tourism industry in Dubai accounts for the largest income (after Oil & Gas) and is still burgeoning. There are no signs of the economy slowing down or the Emirates tourism industry decelerating. Because of this, millions of visitors are flocking to Dubai year after year and those working within the corporate hospitality sectors can look to search for hotel jobs in Dubai as this is also a growth area.

Whatever your background or experiences, there are always job opportunities in Dubai. If you are looking at potentially moving to Dubai, then be sure to register yourself with all the necessary job agencies so you can give yourself a head start.

Living and working in Dubai offers a great opportunity for those thinking about relocating to Dubai. As a country that offers tax free earnings, a fantastic quality of life and all year sunshine, its no wonder that there are so many people who want to work in Dubai.

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